Why Google Sheets Is the Best Software for Entrepreneurs?

Starting a business might cost thousands of dollars. That’s before you consider adding inventory, paying your employees, locating an office space, and anything else.

You need the appropriate software in the modern day, and there are literally thousands of SAAS businesses fighting for your startup funds. However, did you know that Google Sheets can perform the majority (if not all) of the functions performed by these high-priced programmes? Additionally, it is free.

Continue reading to see why Google Sheets may be the finest software for reviving your new business.

1. Google Sheets Is the Collaborative King

While other spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel offer more functions and capabilities than Google Sheets, they fall short of the collaborative aspects intrinsic to Sheets.

Even if you are a one-person startup, you will need to exchange data with investors, freelancers, tax agents, or lawyers at some point. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to have readily accessible, easily shareable spreadsheets on hand?

Among the best collaborative features in Google Sheets are the following:

  • Adding comments and responses quickly
  • Real-time multi-editing from many machines within the software
  • Integrate with Gmail’s chatroom
  • Google Drive integration

It maintains Data Security When Collaborating on Team Sheets.

To demonstrate Google Sheets’ robust collaboration capabilities, consider the possible negative of cooperation: unintentional data changes by team members. This can be avoided by editing-protecting ranges or sheets. To accomplish this, simply follow these steps:

  1.  Select the data you wish to safeguard and right-click to bring up a menu.
  2. To access further cell actions, navigate to More cell actions > Defend the rangeWhy Google Sheets Is the Best Software for Entrepreneurs
  3. As the menu appears, check the box next to the range you wish to protect, then click Set permissions (you can also select Sheet to protect the whole sheet)Why Google Sheets Is the Best Software for Entrepreneurs
  4. Select who you want to be allowed to make modifications to the Google Meet and Gmail Chat ranges.

Google Meet and Gmail Chat are also included.

It’s not simply the sheets themselves that make collaboration enjoyable. Because it integrates seamlessly with other Google Apps, it’s ideal for providing online presentations.

Consider the following scenario: you have a crucial meeting with a client or possible investor and you need to demonstrate statistics to support your assertions. This may be accomplished by immediately putting your spreadsheet into a Google Meet call.

Simply ensure that you utilise all of Google Sheets’ tools to make your data consumable first. Use charts, pivot tables, and conditional formatting to make your raw data visually understandable.

2. Templates Help You Save Both Time and Money

If you’re inexperienced with spreadsheets, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with Google Sheets’ capabilities and functions. However, most of the time, you may use an existing template online. You are not even need to understand how each formula works; simply enter your numbers.

The nicest aspect is that you can frequently get Google Sheets templates for free. There are even a few on the home screen of Google Sheets.

The following are just a handful of the areas of your startup that you can track using Google Sheets templates:

  • Management of projects Invoicing
  • Timesheets\sSurveys
  • Accounting for taxes
  • Management of logistics
  • Budgeting\sScheduling

Once you’ve gained some familiarity with the application, you can even create your own templates to meet your specific requirements.

3. You Can Create Simple-to-Read Dashboards

As previously said, it is critical to make raw data palatable for collaborative work. Additionally, it simplifies the process of producing reliable forecasts for the future of your organization.

SAAS providers are well aware of this, and many charge thousands of dollars for specialized software that can handle it. Nonetheless, Google Sheets can provide this function for free.

To create a simple dashboard on your own, you’d need to extract data from Sheet 2 and place it in tables and graphs on Sheet 1. Of course, if it sounds too onerous, templates are always an option.

The Google Sheets template library includes a few templates.

Why Google Sheets Is the Best Software for Entrepreneurs

Alternatively, a simple Google search for the specific type of template you require should return results.

Several excellent dashboard concepts include the following:

  • Metrics tracking for websites
  • Data on sales
  • Employee productivity

You might even create a dashboard that manages all of the data sources that are stored in spreadsheets on your Google Drive. After that, simply import data into your new sheet and format it as desired.

4. You Have Access to Your Data Regardless of Where You Are or When You Are

Many of us start our own enterprises in order to break free from the 9-5 grind. Only to discover that we must work additional hours. This is particularly true when a business is in its beginnings.

While you’re getting your firm started, you’ll discover that you’ll need to track data in unexpected ways. That is why storing all of your spreadsheets in the cloud might be advantageous.

Here is a simple illustration of how this could be beneficial.

Consider the following scenario: one of your employees phones and requests that you modify a protected range in a spreadsheet you developed. You consider it and realise they are correct.

The only issue is that you’re out with your family and are unable to access a computer. Now, the employee is wasting time by not performing data entry. You can remotely modify permissions by jumping on your phone for a few seconds.

A similar scenario could occur if you require last-minute revisions prior to a meeting. In any event, cloud computing is the way of the future, particularly for developing organisations.

Google Sheets Can Help You Maximize Your Business’s Potential

Utilizing these four Google Sheets capabilities can assist you in getting your firm off to a flying start. However, they are only a sampling of what the application can achieve for you. Check out our other Google Sheets tutorials to build on your existing knowledge and continue learning as your business grows.

About the Author: Qazi Shabaz

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