What is CTET Exam?


The Central Board of Secondary Education also known as CBSE administers the CTET, or Central Teacher Eligibility Test, which is a national-level test in India. It is used to determine whether or not candidates are qualified for teacher appointments. The CTET is offered twice a year for educators who want to teach grades 1 through 8.

CTET exams are divided into two categories: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is needed for candidates who intend to teach grades 1 through 5. Paper 2 is necessary for candidates who plan to teach grades 5-8.

According to the CBSE, the CTET credential is the minimum requirement for teaching in the federal government. After earning the certification, you can apply for additional teaching jobs such as KVS, NVS, ERDO, and so on. You cannot apply for any government teaching positions without passing CTET and receiving the credential. Many private institutes and teaching sectors provide CTET-qualified persons preferential attention when it comes to hiring and experience. If you pass CTET, you will have a strong chance of becoming a government-employed teacher.

Schools in the Union Territories exclusively hire applicants who have passed the CTET on both regular and part-time contracts.

What will the CTET Exam Pattern in 2022?

The CTET is an offline test that takes 150 minutes to complete. Around three weeks before the exam date, the admission card for the exam is released.

Child development and pedagogy, language I and II, mathematics, and environmental studies each include 30 MCQs.There are 30 multiple-choice questions in child development and pedagogy, language I and II, and 60 multiple-choice questions in maths and science or social studies/sciences on Paper-II. Each paper has 150 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must select two different languages for the language papers.

What are TET Exams 2022?

TET Exam 2022 is an annual Teacher Eligibility Test that is held across India to hire instructors for government-run schools. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009 governs the occasion.

The TET’s goal is to create a nationwide norm and baseline for the recruitment of qualified teachers. This exam’s motive is to improve the performance standards of Students and educational institutions’.

This test was initiated to communicate the state and federal government’s commitment to preserving high standards in education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is in charge of maintaining the TET database, managing the TET syllabus 2022, and guiding government agencies in the exam’s administration.

The following are the essential qualifying requirements:

  • To sit for this exam a candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidates must have completed class 12 or be a graduate of a recognized university with a minimum grade point average of 45 percent.
  • Candidates must hold a diploma in education or a bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed) or have completed any other required teacher training program.

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