What are the upcoming Metaverse games?


Metaverse games have become a staple of the web3 experience. With a low barrier to entry, these GameFi projects are attracting new players each day.

Several metaverse games have hundreds of thousands of active players. In addition to such established names in the metaverse games scene, we see new games popping up every other day.

Some of those games are nothing more than duds. At the same time, others have the potential to become the next Axie Infinity or NFTDuel. With thriving Twitter and Discord communities well before the actual launch, many of the upcoming metaverse games are cementing themselves as the next big thing.

Colizeum Elite NFT

Elite NFT is one of the most hyped-up games on the Colizeum store. Players get 5,000 unique NFTs with free minting for early birds.

Elite players can take 25% of what they make in the game with additional opportunities to grab daily Tokens and NFTs. Top artists are collaborating for this game. Big names such as Lil Nas X, Coldplay, and Love Death and Robots, are among the many aspects adding to the game’s artistic value.

In terms of gameplay, each character (NFT) will be photo-real with attributes collected from seven categories. This metaverse game is about to make a big entry. Maybe when you’re reading this article, it will have launched and amassed a huge player base.

Formacar Crypto

Formacar is coming to iOS and Android with free 233 $FCG tokens for players. This exclusive offer is for those who jump on board from the very beginning.

Based on the Solana chain, this game is about the metaverse driving experience. Players will get to drive various sports and race cars as NFTs. Formacar boasts six cars and four drive modes for a totally immersive experience – coupled with amazing graphics that captivate even the most hardcore gamers.

Game creators have spent a lot of time making this game, which shows in the execution. To start playing, mint a Free NFT on the Solana chain – from 18th December. 10,000 NFTs will be available on the Solana chain for anyone to grab.


The first P2E game that’s based on the absolutely popular IP –Pokémon. This game is about to take players to the Pokémon world. Players will collect from 10,000 NFTs, which include different Pokemons, potions, and other in-game items.

You get to breed and evolve your favorite Pokémon to enhance their skills and win battles against fellow trainers.

There are many ways you can get rewarded for your efforts in the game. From winning events to collecting and trading Pokémon as NFTs, this game has a complete Pokémon experience that invites you to the experience.

KRYPTI Squadron 3 Mint

KRYPTI Squadron 1 & 2 have been sold out. Now it’s time for Squadron 3. This is a pure gaming experience that combines first-person shooter with the decentralized approach of metaverse games.

Metaverse lacked such a gaming experience. KRYPTI hopes to attract hardcore gamers with its ingenious mechanics, immersive gameplay, and growing community.

Ultra-realistic and enjoyable, these two attributes are enough to propel this game above the bunch. During the first minting session, only a limited number of NFTs are available. So don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of the Squadron!

WARP Game – Starship NFTs

WARP is a completely decentralized ecosystem where players can earn tokens by playing various games. Players can compete with each other, participate in loot rallies, and play games – all to increase their chances of getting valuable tokens.

Currently, there are 5,500 NFTs that players can mint and add to their collections. These NFTs have been crafted by the esteemed Hollywood special effects artist Joel Gerlach, making them appealing and technically impressive.

Each day, Starship NFT owners get new credits that can help improve their gameplay and hence their chance of earning from the games.

NFTs are ready to mint, get your gears ready and start your journey through the WARP ecosystem for a complete experience of various games and a fabulous minting experience.

Virtua Land Bots

These cute Land Bots have more than their appearance going for them. There are various categories with one core attribute about them. With those core attributes, several attributes make up these Land Bots.

Miner Bots help you scrape the Land for more resources and hidden gems. Some are common that can perform the usual tasks. However, some rare Land Bots have abilities that outperform their peers.

If you’re into collecting rare tokens and earning from these, minting a Land Bot is not a bad idea.

What Now?

There are several titles coming to the metaverse. We hope to see every title successfully capture the audience’s attention.

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