Ways to Support Your Student’s Mental Health

Student's Mental Health

Learning and studying are a very tough and regular process done by students. It’s a very nice thing that students are taking their studies and learning very seriously. They keep on working hard to achieve their academic goals and also keep on searching for new content to make their subjective knowledge level stronger than before. But performing so many tasks like making assignments and projects assigned from schools and completing homework also makes their schedule very hectic and creates excessive pressure on the students. School managements are very much concerned to decrease this pressure from their head of students in such tender age and that is why school managements are trying these days to incorporate technically sound new tools to give new face to their other departments so that they can focus more on their teaching process, like these days schools are opting admission management software and Institute ERP very frequently. Attendance management software and fees management software helps the school management to make easy the work of fees collection and scholarship and also to manage admission procedure. 

Studying in such a hectic atmosphere makes students suffer from poor and pressurized mental states. In a study performed United States of America, kids from 3-17 years are suffering from anxiety and depression and unfortunately kids from 12-17 years somehow either trying to commit suicide or try to harm themselves due to stress and depression. This data brings goosebumps to any grownup person. Parents may not be able to differentiate between normal irritating tantrums of kids and serious mental issues but tutors are trained to diagnose such things. but this is not enough parent should also have knowledge to detect the symptoms like being sad for more than 2 weeks, avoiding social interactions, talking about hurting or harming themselves, uncontrolled behaviour, drastic mood swings, difficulty in sleeping and eating habits, continuous complaint of headache and degrading academic performance.

There is a lot that parents can do to support the mental health of students and kids. They can encourage their kids to perform random acts of kindness because it beings’ self-satisfaction to the mind and it soothes the heart too. Following it students and kids can bake cookies for neighbours, donate their old books and toys to needy kids, wish birthday to their hard-working tutor or even peon of school, feed water to birds in summer season, help their friend to overcome any sad situation etc. This activity not only improves the mental health of children but also spreads a message of kindness to everyone. Whenever the mind is filled with stress then it needs to be ventilated somehow to relax the mind and mental status and regarding these physical activities are the best ways. It is found in many studies that young people who are regular in physical activities and exercises can be found to be very healthy and have very low levels of depression, anxiety and stress. They have higher levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, light mood, and satisfaction with their life. Exercises boost up mood and positivity in the body and mind. 

There is one more thing which is not only good for kids but for adults also and that is having togetherness with family. There should be a habit of family dinners in families where kids can get company of adults and enjoy dinner with the whole family. This brings a feeling of togetherness at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter whatever happened the whole day. On the dinner table without their phones, tablets and TV students get a chance to discuss their whole day with family and also to discuss if something is bothering them. Such an open communication with family decreases stress as well as kids get solutions to their issues. Most importantly, to support the mental status of kids’ parents can make sure that kids should get an ample amount of sleep of 7-8 hours a day on a regular basis, so that their body and mind can be relaxed and recharged too. Most importantly, to get their minds in line with some innovative things so as to escape stress and depression students and kids should be made to follow their passion and their hobbies which they like and have interest in. When kids are busy with hobbies which bring joy to their mental status then they perform well in their academics too. Following the above enumerated ways student’s mental health can be kept fit and fine always. 

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