Ways To Improve Employee Engagement With Next-Gen Hrms

Employee engagement

One of the most crucial business challenges that influence an organisation’s expansion and retention is employee engagement. If workers are engaged in their workplace, they are more likely to stay with a company. To increase employee engagement, businesses need advanced solutions, intelligent strategies, and modern tools. The definition of employee engagement is having a clear understanding of how an organisation fulfils its purpose, core values, and goals. 

Employee engagement is vital for the growth of the company. Low levels of employee engagement will affect productivity, contentment, and, ultimately, the retention of talented employees inside the company. Many workers in organisations believe that:

  • Their contributions are underappreciated,
  • They are not receiving the proper employee recognition for their important work, and 
  • They are being labelled as disengaged workers. 

Temporary raises, incentives, and benefits may enhance employee morale for a few days or weeks, but they are worthless over the long haul. To avoid this, adopting an HRMS can help employees feel noticed. uKnowva HRMS comes with state-of-the-art features to help companies and their employees achieve their goals. In this blog, we will learn how next-gen HRMS can help companies achieve employee engagement.  

4 Ways A Next-Gen HRMS Will Improve Employee Engagement 

Staying connected to all parts of the company 

With an HRMS, the connection between teams and departments has never been easier. The level of employee engagement may rise with an efficient internal communication system in place. The importance of hearing must be emphasised more, and listening must be done consistently. The organisation can gain from considering the thoughts and opinions of its employees in many different ways. For example, uKnowva’s Social Intranet enables employees to have discussions and communications that are reliable and secure without distractions from the outside world. 

Publishing rights to voice an opinion that matters

Employees need to have a space in the workplace, even if they are remote workers, to connect and share their unpopular opinions. That’s when the next-gen HRMS intervenes. As uKnowva is the smartest HRMS in India right now. It enables every user to voice their opinion without fear or hesitation. They have the feature of publishing posts. From there, they can connect well with a larger group or the entire organisation. 

They can set the privacy settings and see who else can view their posts. It can be for the entire organisation or just their teammates. Either way, this feature in uKnowva helps people connect more with a shared mindset and improve their communication without consciously focusing on that. 

Let everyone connect on the stream

Employee engagement only improves when everyone is serious about the engagement. They need an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement platform like uKnowva. It allows integration with the chat messenger it has in its in-build Extension Store. When everyone is able to connect with each other, the engagement will eventually shoot up. 

People in the same firm, despite working in different departments, hours, or workplaces, will connect with a purpose. The super admin can also set up rules to communicate so that no one feels discriminated against or left out. Other than that, using the chat messenger integration at uKnowva is simple, secure, and safe. Plus, it allows employees to set up different streams of communication. So, important communication is not lost; rather, it is collated in a stream for a purpose.

Automatic email notifications to bring back the employee online

Employees might be away from the keyword or doing their work. Not everyone is always online, and neither should they be. However, uKnowva allows employees to receive important notifications in their emails for the chat or communication they are a part of or are being tagged in. It is an easy way for the employee to be back online and complete the communication to improve their engagement along the way. To put it in simpler terms, communication becomes more purposeful and on time. There are fewer time lapses, and employees are more aware of the conversation they are a part of to resolve matters before missing deadlines


The term “employee engagement” is currently all the rage in businesses. In the fast-paced business environment of today, managers must work to increase employee engagement to provide their company with a competitive edge. This blog shows us that incorporating HRMS can increase employee engagement. With uKnowva, companies can now leverage tools such as AI to streamline major processes to save time, all at a cost-effective purchase.  

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