Top 5 Trendiest Designer Tops Of The Season

Trendiest Designer Tops

Fashion these days is not about the clothes you wear or the price tags. Fashion defines who you are. The colours you choose, the prints you prefer, the fabric you like; everything sums up to your personality. Women’s tees, tops and tunics are some of the most loved garments. But the tough call is about what is in fashion and what is not! For a normal day, women may not care much. But when it comes to casual outings or cocktails, or dinner with friends we look for something more classy and stylish. We go for some special designer stuff.

So, in today’s article we are going to be talking about latest designer western blouse for girls. Now these days there are a lot of designs trending. But, I am going to give you a list of my top 5 Trendiest Designer Tops picks that is every girl’s all time favourite.

  1. Fashionable floral loose top: floral prints are an all time favourite and one of the main reasons behind is that it suits all body types. No woman can probably do anything wrong with floral. Also it gives a very summer and light feel as an appearance. They go well for brunch or coffee meetings.
  2. Off shoulder tops- off shoulders are very popular amongst girls and women of various ages these days. They are widely preferred because it takes off the attention from wide hips. They are trendy and classy at the same time and totally suitable for casual dinners or cocktails.
  3. Trendy tunic tops- tunics are very popular amongst women. It gives you a perfect fit around your bust and the lower part of the top gets is to be kept loose. One could team it up with a pair of jeans, or leggings, or jeggings too. You could also wear a bare tunic top with a great pair of sneakers. These can be worn on casual and fun events, with friends or family.
  4. Crop tops- if you love flaunting your belly button then crop tops have to be your pick. Crop tops are very popular within the young girls. They are basically tops that come up right above your belly button showing just the perfect amount of skin. They make a good choice for casual dinners or cocktails.
  5. Lace tops- lace itself gives a very attractive look for occasions like dinners or receptions. These kinds of tops are generally two layered. The upper layer being the lace and the lower one being cotton or chiffon as preferred. These give you a very stylish look that too with a very little effort.

These tops are easily available in all the shops near you and also in the online stores; which is why they are on my top 5 list. But, in case you are too lazy to go out and shop then you could buy ladies western blouse online. If you are a fashion freak like me then you have to own these tops.

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