Top 10 Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

Top 10 Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

WhatsApp is getting a tonne of new features. These have been discovered by the well-known WhatsApp feature tracker and are now restricted to beta versions of the app.

Although we have covered the most of WhatsApp’s upcoming features, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the new additions due to the lengthy list. We have compiled a list of the upgrades WhatsApp is working on in order to keep you informed of what is coming.

Since WhatsApp has not yet made an official announcement, there is no rollout date for these capabilities as of this writing. But since they are already present in the app’s beta version, they will ultimately make their way to the stable version.

Here is a list of the top 10 features that WhatsApp will soon get.

1. Edit Button

The ability to modify text messages is by far the greatest and most anticipated feature coming to WhatsApp. Similar to Telegram and Discord, this will allow you to edit your messages even after you’ve sent them. It’s unclear whether there will be a set window of time for message editing or if you can do it whenever you choose.

2. Hide Online Status

Another eagerly awaited WhatsApp feature is the capacity to conceal your online behaviour. According to your preferences, you can use this to hide your online status from your contacts, as seen in the screenshot. You have the option of showing it to no one, all of your connections, certain particular contacts, or none at all.

3. New Message Reactions

WhatsApp currently only offers a small variety of reaction emojis, but soon you’ll be able to add more to the list. This feature gives them an advantage over competitors like Telegram by allowing you to add emoji of your choice to the list. The number of emojis you can add yourself is currently unknown.

4. Move Chats to iOS

Since the beginning of the year, we have been able to transfer WhatsApp conversations between iOS and Android devices. Initially, it was only possible on Samsung phones, but with the most recent firmware, it is now possible on any Android phone. Soon, it will allow you to move chats from Android to iOS and vice versa.

The procedure will be the same as for iOS exports. Both phones must remain wired or linked via the same Wi-Fi network, as well as unlocked or active. Other information is not yet known.

5. Pause and Play Voice Recordings

It’s common to get interrupted while contacting someone, which is why WhatsApp will soon allow you to pause your voice conversations while they are being recorded. When you press the play button, you can continue exactly where you left off. You can now preview your recordings before submitting them thanks to this update.

6. Cover Photos


Users of WhatsApp for Business will soon be able to build profiles using cover photographs that resemble those on Facebook and Twitter. This will provide you more room to exchange information while allowing you to market more about yourself and your company.

7. Mute Specific People in Group Calls

Group calls can be chaotic, but with a future update that will allow you to mute certain persons in group calls, they ought to get a little better. As seen in the screenshot above, this update also allows you to message particular people directly from the call menu.

8. Export Backups

Backups on Google Drive are nothing new. This makes it simple to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone because you can just download it from the cloud to the new phone. The ability to retrieve your chats at any time, though, is a brand-new function that is in development.

If you ever lose your local WhatsApp data and need to recover it from the cloud, exporting backups will come in very handy.

9. Group Polls

Group polls have long been a topic of rumours, but alas the feature is currently under development with no indication that it will be released. Group decisions should be much easier now thanks to polls.

When choosing a restaurant with your friends, for instance, you may easily defeat the one picky buddy by using a group poll.

10. WhatsApp Premium

Another feature that has been in development for a long is WhatsApp Premium. It is only intended for WhatsApp Business users and will provide paying clients access to additional capabilities like the option to add up to 10 linked devices and rename them, the opportunity to build unique business links for clients, and more.

Other Features

Numerous additional features, like video call avatars, automatic desktop picture albums, a group icon editor, the ability to read status updates through chat menus, and many more, will soon be available on WhatsApp.

All of these capabilities are already in WhatsApp beta, as was already revealed, but their debut date is unknown.

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