Things You Need to Know About Teeth Implants in India

Teeth implants in Gurgaon

If you are planning to get Teeth implants in Gurgaon, you may benefit from knowing some important things. This blog comprises essential information related to teeth implants.

What are Teeth Implants?

A teeth implant is an artificial tooth. It is used for supporting one or more false teeth. It helps to prevent or stop jaw bone loss.

It is a titanium screw. This can substitute the root of a tooth in case it fails. Similar to a tooth root, a dental implant is placed into the jawbone.

Dental implants provide people with the stability and strength needed to eat all the food items they like. With implants, they do not have to struggle to chew. In addition, they help in the stimulation and maintenance of jaw bone.

What are the Types of Teeth Implants? Why are They Used?

  1. Traditional Tooth Implants

These tooth implants are minimally invasive. They are about the length and width of a typical tooth root. These can be used independently or in a pair with other dental implants when necessary.

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  1. Mini Tooth Implants

Mini tooth implants are less than half the size of a traditional dental implant. They are shorter and narrower than a typical implant. A mini implant is ideal for cases where there is little space or there is a very narrow bone in the ridge of the jaw. In such cases, a traditional implant would not fit there or there would not be enough bone for encompassing it.

  1. Zygomatic Tooth Implants

One may not have enough bone in their mouth for supporting tooth implants. Over time, the bone in the ridge of their “jaw” may have shrunk from past trauma, disease, or ageing. In cases like these, specialists can use zygomatic implants. These are elongated versions of dental implants.

The zygoma is the arch that most of us know as the cheekbone. However, it is closely situated near the bone in the upper jaw. That way, there may not be enough bone in the area where your tooth roots used to be. In such a case, a dentist can angle up the zygomatic implant into the zygomatic arch of bone.

What are the Categories of Dental Implants?

  1. Single Tooth Implants

Is there one of your tooth missing? If yes, an individual tooth implant and crown would be all you need. This prevents any alteration to the structure. The implant can add support for helping you to maintain natural tooth alignment.

  1. Dental Implant Bridges

What if you are missing a few teeth in a row? In a conventional case, you may have to wear a removable partial denture. If three or four teeth are missing, it is not possible to affix a traditional bridge onto the remaining teeth on either side. 

However, a pair of implants can be used at each side of the gap. This can permanently anchor a multi-tooth implant bridge.

  1. Implant Supported Dentures

Maybe one just wants to go old school and get the traditional dentures. It is perfectly fine. The problem with dentures is that they rely on a strong seal under the “plate” and against the gum tissues. 

If one has thin bone, it may cause the denture to loosen up or rock around during the day. This case can lead to more bone loss and sore spots. Also, there can be difficulty in doing normal things such as talking or eating. To prevent that, small locators can be affixed on the underside of the denture and a corresponding tooth implant at that area inside of your mouth.

  1. All on 4

When one needs to replace all of their teeth at once, All-on-4 implants are amongst the most popular choice. These are for people who want a permanent solution.

The dental specialists use four strategically placed tooth implants to support a slim and streamlined device. This device follows the contour of your mouth. It is like a hybrid of a denture and a dental bridge. There is no “plate” over the roof of the patient’s mouth.

If you are thinking about getting teeth implants, the above-given information may help you.

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