The defendants of poker on Major Playground Toto


The defendants, Scott Tom and Brent Beckley, were the two executives from Cereus Network who were charged on Black Friday. They were both메이저놀이터 indicted for their roles in the scandal.

Between 2003 and 2007, Tom was the major 메이저놀이터founder of the website Absolute Poker and the individual responsible for using the God Mode function to defraud thousands of players out of millions of dollars.


Scott Tom was in Antigua on the day we now refer to as Black Friday. He remained there for six years to escape being extradited to the United States. In 2017, he agreed to a plea deal, which allowed him to stay out of jail. The only consequence he received was a fine of $300,000.


Absolute Poker had Brent Beckley working as their director of payments and risk management for a while. When the indictments were handed down, he was Scott Tom’s step-brother and was away in Costa Rica.

In December 2011, Beckley entered a guilty plea to deceive the financial institutions. He was found guilty and sentenced to 14 months in jail; however, he was released after only nine months. In addition to jail time, he had to make restitution of $300,000.

The Financial Transaction Processors

We have thus far discussed the six defendants who served in executive capacities at the three online poker companies. On the other hand, the indictments for the Black Friday crimes included five additional suspects.

Ira Rubin, Ryan Lang, Bradley Franzen, and Chad Elie are all examples of people who worked in the payment processing industry. They all worked for companies that disguised the transactions for online poker companies, such as Install.

Each payment processor collaborated with all three online poker sites and established sham websites to deceive banks into handling payment transactions.

On the day traditionally known as “Black Friday,” Chad Elie was one of only three defendants who could be found in the United States. He was taken into custody in Las Vegas and given a prison sentence of five months’ duration.

On Black Friday, Bradley Franzen was also present in the United States. Although he was not immediately taken into custody, he pled not guilty and agreed to appear in court the following Monday to state his case. He was allowed to post bail for $200,000 after using the home he shared with his parents as collateral.

On May 23, Franzen returned to court to accept a plea deal that promised him a reduced sentence in exchange for information on the other defendants. The arrangement offered him a reduced term in exchange for information about the other defendants. He had to pay back the money he had made in connection with the poker transactions and receive a sentence of time already served.

Although Ira Rubin was present in Guatemala on Black Friday, he was taken into custody on April 25. He was sentenced to three years in prison in the United States after being deported from another country.

His conviction resulted in the most time spent behind bars of everyone indicted on Black Friday. The fact that this was not his first criminal offense led the judge to conclude that a more severe punishment was warranted.

Ryan Lang was the most recent payment processor to enter a plea agreement. A term of time already spent was added to the sentence, and he was ordered to repay the money he had acquired due to his work as a payment processor.

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