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A liquor store is a retail establishment that sells alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits. Liquor stores are regulated by local government, with varying degrees of monopoly status. In some jurisdictions, liquor is also sold from supermarkets and convenience stores if they have a liquor license.

New York State has a very broad range of alcohol retailers, from grocery and drug stores to specialty liquor and liqueur shops. But if you’re looking to stock up on booze, the best places are those that go above and beyond to offer exceptional service and a vast selection of hard-to-find spirits.

This shop’s impressive collection of rare whiskies and gins makes it a must-visit for any discerning spirits lover. Its friendly staff is more than willing to help you find the right bottles, from Fuenteseca Tequila ($629) and Cognac Tesseron ($647) to whiskeys from Brooklyn’s Van Brunt house or Westchester Wheat Whiskey.

The Midtown East shop has walls lined with Amari, plenty of Scotches and gins as well as obscure finds like Pow Wow Botanical Rye, saffron and orange peel-infused rye whiskey, and Bloom Gin, which is flavored with honeysuckle, chamomile, and pomelo. And it’s also got a hefty selection of rare wines, such as Dolin Vermouth Rouge, a London Dry-style cocktail wine made with grapes from Italy.

It’s not uncommon to find a licoreria cerca de mi that is more of a tavern than a bottle shop, but this place is worth a visit. Its wine bar serves up a selection of more than 48 wines, from $10 international varieties to $1,200 French reds, and the store hosts many tastings as well.

There’s a reason this store has been around for more than 100 years. The friendly staff will steer you toward hard-to-find bottles and make sure you have a good time while you’re there.

When it comes to finding a good bottle of booze, there aren’t many stores that can match Wine Stop’s extensive collection and deep discounts. This store has a wide variety of bottled wines, from French cabernets to Italian rosés, and it stays open late for those who need a drink after the bar closes.

Ontario’s liquor laws allow most establishments to sell wine and other alcohol to take away in a closed container. Previously, this was only permitted from the province’s NSLC locations, but a recent change has allowed most wine to be sold at several private agency liquor stores in rural areas without an NSLC location.

Other parts of Canada have a similar system of regulating the sale of alcohol, although etymology varies from region to region, and there is no uniform terminology across the country. In addition to ‘liquor store’, other regional terms include depanneur or ‘dep’ in Quebec and ‘bottle shop’ in Ontario.

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In most parts of the world, liquor is primarily sold in the form of prepackaged alcoholic drinks – usually in bottles – which are intended to be consumed off-site. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, liquor is usually sold from a drinking establishment; in many other countries it is only sold at specialized bottle shops, sometimes called a bottle-o or ‘bottle-shop’

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