Spending Money Wisely: What to Buy for Your New Home—Your Complete Checklist

Spending Money Wisely: What to Buy for Your New Home—Your Complete Checklist

So, what exactly are you supposed to spend money on when moving to a new home? It may look different for someone moving from his or her parents’ house compared to a family finding a bigger place to suit their expanding needs. But certain tips always make sense so you don’t waste money, but can enjoy an ultra-comfortable, safe, practical and beautiful space.

Below you’ll find a helpful list, created based on advice from experts in the décor and home renovation industry. Something like a towel or a specific recliner sofa may seem like a random choice at first, but in the long run you’ll realise the value of spending your budget on these vital items.

Quality Lounge Furniture

You may not have the cashflow to furnish and decorate the new lounge in its entirety from the get-go. Therefore you need to find easy and affordable ways to make a statement and ensure you have a comfortable space to relax in after a long day.

Getting a quality sofa and a recliner chair in a timeless design is a good start and you’ll be able to accommodate multiple individuals instantly. Quality pieces communicate style and you’ll always have need of these pieces of furniture.

They can form the starting point of your stunning lounge and over time you can add more items, from rugs and scatter cushions to coffee tables and ornaments.

But first, there was a couch.

Luxury Bedding

Moving to the bedroom, first of all take a critical look at your bedding and discern if it needs replacement. Chances are that it’s served you well for a few years but many households keep bedding for much longer than they should. Did you know you should replace bedding according to the following timelines?

There are multiple reasons to throw out all your old linens and buy new. For starters, you may notice sheets are frayed in which case they can start being abrasive against your skin, causing irritation. Your duvet may have lost its softness and gone flat. All of this means you may be sleeping less comfortably than when you first bought the bedding, so rather get better rest in your new home by investing in new, quality linen.

The last—and most important—reason to spend money on bedding is its ability to trap and carry allergens. Dust mites, dander and other allergens from your old home can be carried to your new space, even after bedding has been washed. Rather enjoy a home that’s as hygienic and allergy-friendly as possible.

For this reason, even a new bed is a good idea.

A fun reason for new bedding is that picking the right colour makes it easy to match your bed with the décor theme and colour palette of the new space.

Hotel-standard Bath Towels

The reason for picking new bath towels is very similar to why you should get new bedding. They also require replacement at least every 5 years, but you may even want new ones after just 2. After all, they’re often damp and become breeding grounds for bacteria, so once again it’s easier to keep your new space hygienic if you get new ones.

It’s especially important to consider hygiene and hypo-allergenic choices if anyone in the household suffers from allergies. A home move gives you the opportunity to give them a cleaner environment that hopefully triggers allergies less often.

Smart Home Features and Appliances

Any living space can benefit from smart home features but it’s worth acquiring them when moving house because it will help lower your utility costs. If you’re already shopping on a budget, smart appliances and features like automated temperature control are worth spending a little of your capital. In time your lower electricity bill will make up for it.

Also, having smart home features such as lights and garage doors you can operate from your phone will be selling points for future buyers. So, these minor changes are already adding resale value to the property.

New Safety, Maintenance and Garden Equipment

What you have now may be appropriate for where you’re currently living, but safety needs, building maintenance and gardening requirements are unique to each property. Make sure your security features are appropriate for the neighbourhood you’re moving into. Also consider what you’ll need to keep the garden looked after and maintain the house from top to bottom.

For example, if you’re moving to a property with a bigger garden and huge trees you may now need a chainsaw to trim branches so they don’t grow too much and damage your roof. Also, do you need a longer ladder to reach the gutters for cleaning?

Do a complete property assessment so you’re empowered to look after it and have what you need, even for emergencies such as storms.

Final Thoughts

Make your move to your new home a little less stressful by knowing you’re spending money on the right items. Our list will set you up for a comfortable but also functional home with features that have long-term value.

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