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Just like the little Downy bear, we just should rub a comfortable butch everywhere us. ”

Smooth butch

” means a lesbian or queer girl that isn’t rather a


, it isn’t very a


either. They fall someplace from the butch spectrum. They like to button their particular button-downs all the way up, and possibly actually then add collar precious jewelry from time to time. They tend getting attractive sight, nice lips, and simply end up being actually hot typically tbh.

a comfortable butch is a slightly much more elegant (or “softer”) form of a
butch lesbian.
They can be hard but sensitive — just like the perfect chicken nugget.


“butch lesbian”

is usually defined by their particular swagger. It’s design choices, sure, like usually using shoes with cuffed denim jeans or countless rings, but it is additionally a specific je ne sais quoi that merely a butch would understand. A “smooth butch” is basically a toned down or “softened” form of this swagger. If a butch lesbian exudes sex, a soft butch exudes gender which includes sobbing after.

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Just how is actually a “gentle butch” distinctive from “butch”?

Smooth butch energy is a person that will

leading you

immediately after which have you a cup of tea. Its someone that will develop you a piece of furniture while referring to their unique mommy problems. They may be great chefs just who additionally learn a great deal about astrology. They’re a lot more chapstick lesbians than

lipstick lesbians

— although playing by rigid sex guidelines is not actually a gentle butch’s thing (or any queer woman’s tbh.) They get manicures but just choose a premier jacket. They’ll constantly supply to operate a vehicle, regardless if they may be bad at it.

Smooth butches tend to be difficult but tender, like a perfect poultry nugget. Merely, a chicken nugget you never know how to use

a strap


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