Robo or Online Advisor: What should you understand?

Robo or Online Advisor

Do you think that you want solid financial advice when you invest? In earlier times, your only options were to hire an expensive financial advisor or do it yourself. But now new financial technology and methods have been created to help fill the gap.

Have you ever heard of a robo advisor? Well it is a computer algorithm that takes care of your investments for you. It could also be just what the pocketbook ordered since most of the robo-advisor services are much affordable than conventional advisors. In simple words these are the online services that make it easier to get started toward your financial goals by catering investment help at low cost and with low or no account least.

How do these advisors work?

These advisors are also known as automated investing or online advisors — make use of computer algorithms and advanced software to construct and manage your investment portfolio. Services range from that of automatic rebalancing to tax optimization, and need little to no human interaction. However there are also many providers who have human advisors available for questions. Since they offer low costs and low or no minimums, robo allows you get started in a quick manner and in many instances, within a matter of minutes.

What is the cost?

Well, as said before this automated investing is absolutely affordable. You would not usually pay transaction fees with a robo type of advisor. In a standard brokerage account, you could pay a commission to purchase or sell investments, both during a rebalancing of your portfolio and when you submit or withdraw money. Robo-advisors often waive these charges.

Do you feel a robo type of advisor is right for you?

When you consider whether a this advisor is right for you, take into consideration the following:

Type of account

Most of the robo type of advisors manages both individual retirement accounts and that of taxable accounts. Some even manage trusts, and a select few shall help manage your 401(k).

Least investment requirements

Some robo or online advisors require $10,000 or more and the majority own account minimums of $500 or less.

Portfolio recommendation

When you do signing up with a robo-advisor, your foremost interaction will nearly always be a questionnaire, designed to measure your risk tolerance, goals and that of investing preferences. Robo-advisors usually offer between five and ten portfolio choices, ranging from traditional to aggressive. Based on your answers to these questions, the service will recommend a portfolio, but you should have the option to veto that recommendation.

Time until retirement

In case your goal is retirement in five years or purchasing a house in three years, you are going to be directed toward the conservative end of the spectrum, having a portfolio comprehensively weighted toward bonds and even cash.  In case retirement is in thirty years, the advisor is going to direct you toward a more aggressive portfolio lined with stocks. You can even have multiple accounts with a different portfolio provision for each.


So, there are a lot many things that are there in funds these days. And choosing automated investing would to be a bad choice.

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