Requirements to Submit a Major Site Plan


Before submitting a major site plan, you should be aware of some of the requirements of the process. For example, if you are planning a new street connection or a new subdivision, you must attend a Neighbor Meeting. In addition, there are certain signs that you must post for review. This article will give you an overview of these requirements and the requirements to submit a 메이저사이트 plan.

Signs required for major site plan review

The sign design and lettering should be in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the site. Moreover, it should be non-obtrusive. Signs should be sized appropriately to suit their intended functions and placement on the site. Moreover, the lettering and colors should complement the surrounding area. Signs should be designed for permanent and temporary placements.

Neighbor meetings are required for new street connections

If a development is proposed in your neighborhood, you will need to hold neighborhood meetings before it can be built. The Town of Apex has specific procedures for holding a neighborhood meeting. These meetings are held to allow neighbors to ask questions and express their concerns. The Town will then publish a summary of the meeting and make it available to the public if required.

Neighborhood meetings are required for certain types of development and are a means of establishing community relationships. They are also important for gathering input from neighboring property owners before development begins. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for neighbors and developers to discuss the proposed development in an informal setting. In addition, it allows the applicant to address concerns or issues that may arise during the development process. In most cases, a neighborhood meeting must take place six months before the application is submitted.

Requirements for submitting a major site plan

A 메이저사이트plan is a critical component of a development project. It includes information on the site’s topography, existing and proposed buildings, and other major structures. It also shows the size and direction of roads, water supply lines, and other major utilities. It also shows existing trees and other vegetation on the site, as well as vehicular and pedestrian travel paths.

The Central Planning Board must review major site plans before preliminary approval is granted. This approval gives the applicant rights for up to three years, so the information provided must be accurate. The Central Planning Board will not act on the plan if it is incomplete. In addition, a major site plan must include a Transportation Demand Management Plan. This must be submitted in ten copies, each one 11″x17″ in size.

In addition to the review of major site plans, minor site plans must be submitted. In some cases, a minor site plan must be reviewed before a major site plan can be approved. This is the case if a proposed development involves five or more residential units on a single lot.

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