Poker Variants with Super Times Payouts on Major Playground Toto


You have won a four-of-a-kind, which is worth 25 coins, 메이저놀이터along with a fourfold multiplier. Your reward will be increased to 100 coins due to this action. According to the information provided on the game’s help screen, you should anticipate receiving a multiplier on around one out of every 15 hands, with the multiplier amount averaging 4.05 times.

You will gain 20.33% more money overall if you use this메이저놀이터 average multiplier, compared to the extra 20.0% you risk by placing the bonus bet. Because the Super Times Pay feature has a positive expected value (+EV), you should win at least one hand out of every two when you play it.

When you play Super Times Pay Spin Poker, just like with IGT’s other multi-hand video poker machines, you can select from several different game variations. The following table provides examples of common variations that can be played when playing video poker with Super Times Pay Spin Poker.

Jacks or Better

This game features one of the most straightforward pay tables, and the minimum hand requirement to qualify for any prize is a pair of jacks.

Bonus Poker

You are eligible for bonus rewards when you have four aces, four 2s through 4s, four 5s through kings, or four 2s through 4s. A pair of jacks is the minimum hand required to qualify for the tournament.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

As explained earlier, the bonus rewards for four of a kind provide twice as much. The drawback is that you will only receive one credit for a two-pair, rather than the two credits awarded in Bonus Poker for a two-pair.

In the game Deuces Wild, all twos count as wild cards, and you get an additional payout if your hand contains four deuces.

Wild Deuces with a Double Bonus

The same as Deuces Wild, except that receiving four deuces results in a higher bonus payment.

Double Bonus

With the four-of-a-kind hands outlined in Bonus Poker, you will receive doubled bonus payouts.

Double Double Bonus provides bonus payouts that are considerably greater than those offered by Double Bonus.

Joker Poker

Contains a joker as a wild card, bringing the total number of cards in the deck to 53. The reward for a five-of-a-kind is the second-highest one available.

Bonus for Getting Super Aces

When you spend between one and four coins on a hand, the payoff for four aces is larger than the payout for a royal flush. This is the case regardless of the number of coins wagered.

If you play any video poker game with the Super Times Pay multiplier, the game’s payback will be increased, so it is in your best interest to participate in these games. Nevertheless, it would help if you also were looking for casinos that provide Super Times Pay Spin Poker with pay tables that are lower than average.

You will frequently see a pay table that is either 9/ 6/ 5 or even worse than that, as opposed to the 9/ 7/ 5 Double Bonus pay table.

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