Most Celebrated Churches in Chennai

Churches in Chennai

Chennai is a cultural and crowded city. You can find people of different corners living in this city. The city has witnessed different changes and the influences of different eras can be seen in the infrastructure of the monuments and spots in Chennai. Since there is a function in Chennai, and you are going there next month, why not underline some important places to go to?

You have already booked your Hyderabad to Chennai Flights and you are set to leave for this city right? Well, you know since the colonial eras, Chennai is the residence for thousands of Christians. Christianity started to spread in the areas of South India as early as the 1500s, and with the presence of the Europeans such as the Portuguese, French, the Dutch, Nestorian Christians and Armenians in Tamil Nadu, signaled the building of some of the most spectacular churches in India.  The churches of Chennai showcase the five hundred years of extensive architectural heritage and the culture of heartfelt Christians who constructed them.  The extensive Christian custom and culture is beautifully reflected in their spots of worship, Churches.  Have a look at some of the celebrated churches of this city below:

Santhome Basilica

The Santhome Basilica church is situated on the southern end of Marina Beach. It is a unique church, elevated on the tomb of St. Thomas, an apostle of Christ. Renovated during the time of early 1970s, the Basilica draws huge populations. There is a gorgeous stained glass window at basilica that portrays the tale of St. Thomas, and central hall has fourteen wooden signs depicting scenes from the last days of Christ. In the cathedral is a 3ft. high figurine of Virgin Mary that was fetched from Portugal in the year 1543.

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is the primary Anglican Church in India. It was constructed in 1678-79 in the Fort St. George. It was the first church built by East India Company outside Mediterranean. The original rectangular construction was nearly 60 ft. by 90 ft. Its outside walls were 4 ft thick and the roof 2 ft. dense and bomb proof. The riches of St. Mary’s Church are the altarpiece, a massive painting of The Last Supper, a sixteen sixty bible and silver plates. The entire church is a beautiful construction.

 The Armenian Church

The Armenian Church was constructed in the year 1772 on the place of Armenian cemetery. It is the place wherein three hundred fifty graves are laid. The Church is also called as Armenian Church of Virgin Mary and it is situated on the Armenian Street, Chennai. The Armenian Church encompasses a superb spire; six bells, claimed to be the hugest bells in Chennai.

C.S.I. Holy Cross Church

This Church is better known as the Churches in Chennai of South India and it is more than one hundred twenty years old. The church was originally called the Perambur Railway Church as during that time it was under railway authorities. The C.S.I. Holy Cross Church initially had a mainly Anglo-Indian audience though now there are even families from other southern zones and states.

Thus, since the tickets of Hyderabad to Chennai Flights are booked, and you are excited about this trip; don’t skip these celebrated churches of Chennai. These would get you much knowledge about culture, history, and architecture of this city.

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