Modern business is defined by many things – agility, security, productivity. How do the Microsoft product families support these values?

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Owing to how important technology has become in many facets of life, in business it has become generally accepted that, in order to modernize, you need to integrate technology into every layer of the organisation. But with so many options out there, how do you know what the right solutions are?

When we spoke to a London-based managed service provider – TechQuarters – they claimed that Microsoft offers some of the best solution packages on the market. Having provided business IT support London-based SMBs and enterprises have relied on since 2010, and having always used Microsoft products themselves, TechQuarters are confident in their claim.

Business Modernization Values 

Modernization is the name of the game in business these days, but what does it actually mean? At its core, it’s about using technology to transform foundational processes, so that the business can operate more efficiently and productively. Below are some of the key values of business modernization:


It goes without saying that productivity needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Technology can be a great help here. For example, one can use technology to accelerate processes and workflows, or even to delegate and outsource tasks, thus enabling organisations to get more done in a day, week, or month.


With businesses becoming increasingly interlinked with technology, cybersecurity has shot to the top of virtually every business’ priority list. Leveraging the right solutions to protect users, data, and customer information at every endpoint, and every layer, is crucial.


Business modernization is also about tapping into the resources of the modern world – first and foremost, data. Thanks to social media, search engines, websites, emails, and countless other digital channels, there is an abundance of data on the internet. Businesses can leverage this data for valuable insight.


Technology helps businesses accelerate processes; and by extension, it means businesses can react to things more quickly. This agility can help organisations pivot to take advantage of changes and pressures.

Microsoft Product Families for Business Modernization

So, what does any of this have to do with Microsoft?

Having been in the industry for close to 50 years, the company has always been at the forefront of business innovation. Nowadays, it is one of the leading suppliers of technology around the world. The IT support services London companies receive from TechQuarters, for instance, is largely powered by the Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystem. Below are some examples of the different product families that businesses can leverage…

1.Microsoft 365

The most well-known of Microsoft’s products. Microsoft 365 includes staple products like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. It also currently includes Microsoft Teams, for communications; and Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint for cloud storage. M365 offers most of the functionality that businesses need for their day-to-day work activities.

2.Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud platform that contains over 200 different products and services geared towards digital transformation. Many businesses have migrated their IT infrastructure to the Azure cloud over the years; it is an ideal platform for businesses looking to develop custom solutions for their organisation.

3.Microsoft Defender

This is the official Microsoft security product family. Defender, and all of its associated products, were built and are hosted in Azure, meaning that businesses can access all of their security tools and data from the cloud.

4.Microsoft Purview

In today’s data-driven landscape, governance is important. TechQuarters – who has provided IT support for financial services, and many other types of compliant organisation – recommends Microsoft Purview. This product family offers an impressive portfolio of compliance solutions; all available within the Microsoft Cloud for ease of management.

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