Major Playground Disadvatages


One 메이저놀이터 disadvantage is that the equipment is not inclusive of children with disabilities. When children are not able to play with other children, they are denied the opportunity to socialize and interact with peers. In addition, non-inclusive surfacing and equipment create social stigmas that last into the adult years.

Another playground disadvatage is that the surfacing material is not safe for the environment. For example, playground sand can contain asbestos or silica, which can cause cancer or lungs inflammation. Also, pea gravel may contain sharp twigs or stones, which can be hazardous for children with disabilities. Pea gravel also has the disadvantage of being hard to navigate for wheelchair users.

Despite the high initial cost of unitary surfaces, they tend to require less maintenance. This means fewer workers are needed to take care of them. However, unitary surfaces are not good for high-use areas. In addition, they are not as durable as loose-fill surfaces. If you decide to go with unitary surfaces, be sure to look for the results of Gmax and HIC tests. If you find a product with a higher passing score, you should opt for it.

Lastly, playground equipment can be unsafe if it is not maintained properly. It can easily break or rust and can cause a child to fall into the ground. This is why playgrounds must be regularly checked to ensure that they are safe for children. Additionally, children should also wear protective clothing while playing.

Despite the many benefits of playground surfaces, there are also major disadvantages. It is important to select a high-quality playground surface that will last for many years. You do not want to make the mistake of going with the cheapest material that you can afford, because it may cause injuries.

Changing the physical school environment is important for children to be more active, but the effects of these changes are often limited. While physical school environment changes did reduce sedentary time among younger children, they were ineffective with older children. More intense interventions are needed to make a lasting difference in physical activity levels.

Choosing a natural 메이저놀이터 is another important consideration. The natural environment is better for the health of children. It promotes physical fitness and develops coordination and balance. Children can learn about animals and plants while playing in a natural setting. The presence of insects and invertebrates can help keep children occupied for longer periods of time. A natural playground can also provide a great place for nature study.

In addition to these benefits, there are also some major disadvantages to playground surfacing materials. For example, rubber mulch is expensive. The material is also susceptible to damage by a simple garden hose. Its disadvantage is that it can get very hot during the summer. If you choose a natural playground surface, you must make sure it is safe.

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