How an Accident Attorney Can Help in Your Trucking Accident?

Driving a semi-truck is not dangerous, especially from the driver’s perspective. Most times when there is an issue of crashed trucks or semi-truck vs car accidents, the truck driver often goes without a serious injury. However, the other road users are not left out whenever there is a big rig accident, as they are at higher risk of vehicle damage and even personal injury.

In cases like semi truck accidents, it usually takes the truck accident lawyers to settle the disputes between truck drivers and other road users.

The major factors influencing semi-truck accidents are the heavyweight and gigantic height of the vehicle. The big size leaves them with the largest blind spots on the road. Several times, the truck driver cannot even see behind and these blind spots are areas where accidents occur the most.

The common causes of truck accidents include:-

  • Overspeeding of truck driver
  • Unfocused driving
  • Tailgating as a result of hurrying
  • Driving under the Influence
  • Fatigue
  • Disobedient to traffic rules

Some of these can bring about serious damage to other road users and are even a leading cause of death for truck drivers.

The intervention of an attorney is necessary when occurrences like this arise. Truck accident lawyers collect evidence, have a word with an eyewitness, and identify the chargeable party or parties. They also liaise with insurance companies and take the case to the court if needed. All to save one from financial crises and also to ensure a balance in terms of judgment.

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How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

Accident lawyers play a major role in cases like that of truck accidents. Though different attorneys have their ways of tending to accident cases, there are certain steps that lawyers take to help semi truck accident victims and also take control of the situation. The expertise of truck accident lawyers in semi truck accidents is exercised in the following processes.

1.   Investigation

They thoroughly investigate to determine the liable party and take the case to trial if necessary. During the investigation, truck accident lawyers carry out the following essential activities.

  • Inquiring about the truck driver’s background, training, licensing, and other important information.
  • Checking if any broken traffic regulations lead to the accident.
  • Going through vehicle maintenance logs.
  • Collecting evidence, including the police report and witness statements.
  • Assessing any issue of manufacturing defects.

2.   Negotiation

Before considering a trial, the accident lawyer negotiates with the other party’s insurer. If negotiation doesn’t work out here, then the attorney goes ahead to file a complaint. Different  means might be employed depending on the type of truck accident and the personal injuries incurred.

3.   Settlement Decision

A semi truck attorney can help you decide when to settle during a negotiation. They take time to review offers, as well as weigh the pros and cons before accepting a settlement decision. They ensure that medical expenses and financial losses are adequately covered.

4.   Trial

If negotiation doesn’t work out, a semi truck accident case goes to court for trial. Here, truck accident lawyers can effectively use communication and provide you with a strong legal voice to win a case and adequate compensation to get you through recovery.

Truck accident cases are complex especially when the parties involved do not admit to their fault or there is a lack of evidence to prove the guilty. Also, different states have different laws to handle personal injury compensations. That is why it is important to use truck accident lawyers who specialize in your state’s laws to easily navigate the system.

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5 Steps to Take Before Getting Help from a Truck Accident Attorney

After a truck accident, there are certain important things to do before seeking the help of truck accident lawyers. These steps are taken to protect yourself and lay the foundation for the processes of the accident attorney.

1.   Stay Calm and the Call Security Line

In any occurrence of a truck accident, the first thing to do is to stay as calm and composed as possible. That may seem nearly impossible, but it is important to note that the calmer you are, the better will be your responses to the shock. Also, mind your speech and actions at the point of occurrence and let the evidence speak for it all.

The better thing to do is to call the security line and inform them of the crash.

2.   Seek Medical Intervention

Whether there is a physical injury or not, it is advisable to call an ambulance or seek medical attention immediately. Although it is possible not to feel any pain at first due to the adrenaline rush, a medical doctor should still run a checkup to have documented proof of injuries sustained during the crash.

3.   Look for a Witness

In situations where injuries or wounds are not too severe, you should scout for witness statements from anyone who was there at the point when the truck accident occurred. Also, ensure to point out the witness to security agents around.

4.   Keep Evidence

Evidence is crucial when seeking help from truck accident attorneys. It is essential to document as much evidence as possible, including photographs, dash cam footage, medical reports, and any item relevant to the truck accident. This comes in handy when the accident attorney takes up the case.

5.   File a Complete Accident Report

Filing a firsthand truck accident report makes investigation easy after the incident. It helps to establish the fact that the accident happened. It usually contains information on time, location, weather, speed, the status of the injured, and the nature of the accident with the commercial vehicle.

What Next? Seek the Help of a Good Truck Accident Attorney

The next step is to contact a sound truck accident lawyer who can conduct the processes of investigating, negotiating, settling, and maybe a court trial. Truck accidents can cause mild to severe physical and mental traumas. The cost of medical bills and lost wages tend to make the recovery process more challenging for you or your loved one. Hence, it is necessary to have a trustworthy legal professional stand by you to support you through your recovery.


Truck accidents are devastating. Having a lawyer on your side can save you the stress of expensive medical care and even make up for your losses.

You should seek an accident attorney after a trucking accident because they investigate the case. An accident attorney can also negotiate on your behalf and help estimate your damages. A truck accident lawyer makes sure you get measurable compensation for your losses and get adequate time and monetary compensation to focus on your physical and mental well-being.

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