Gionee’s high-end model, the Gionee S10, is to hit the market!

Gionee S10

Those who need Gionee S10 fast and effective communication need to have a higher version of latest mobiles. In this age, the smartphone can be the best option for numerous ways of communication. There are lots of models of smartphones in the field that can help the users get the best of the use of the same. In this age, the Android operating system can help the users get the best of applications. There are many areas where the smartphone can offer wonderful performance in almost all the sectors.

Gionee is yet another Chinese brand which is primarily a smart phone manufacturer and is based in Shenzhen. The company was set in 2002 and is now one of the largest mobile manufacturing companies in China. Very recently in 2016, Gionee set up its very first mobile manufacturing plant in India and on September 30th of 2016 launched the Gionee S6 Pro in India. With newer and newer Chinese brands making its way into the Indian markets and setting up a considerable hold, Gionee is one of the very recent players. Gionee is all set to launch its brand new Gionee S10 which is a high-end phone which is speculated to release in September 2017. The customers who have tried out all the conventional brands and are interested in trying out a new brand, this phone can be a good choice if your budget is under 25000 INR.

The following post will delve into the speculated specifications of the Gionee S10, and these will be helpful for the future buyers who would compare this phone with other phones within the same price range. The Samsung Galaxy Series or the new Xiaomi MI6 can be a close competitor of this phone, but here are its specifications in details.

Display and Screen

The Gionee S10 has a 5.5-inches or 13.97cm IPS LCD Full high definition screen (1080 x 1920 pixels) along with the pixel density of 401 PPI. The high definition screen quality is not only a pleasure to the eyes of the viewer but also the image quality of the pictures will be exuberant, bright and vivid when it comes to details and colour. The user gets the best of the results with its standard screen and best of the screen resolution. Those who love to view images and videos on this screen can get the best resolution.


The operating system of the phone is Android v7.0 (Nougat), and the phone features a front fingerprint sensor. Apart from that, there is a 2GHz octa-core processor along with a 6GB RAM which helps in the running of the phone smoothly and easily. If you are a gamer, then both the high resolution and the RAM will help in the smooth running of the games or in using different applications at the same time. The software being the core area of any device needs to be of the best quality, and therefore this device can be of much help when it comes to using the same for various reasons.


The smartphone without a camera is not a useful device, and hence for every user, the camera is a prime feature of the device. The phone consists of a dual primary camera of 16MP + 8MP, and a dual front camera of 20MP + 8MP. Needless to say, this phone is not only photographer friendly but also helps in taking best quality selfies. There is also a dual-colour LED flash which helps in sharp shooting when there is less light. The camera on this device is of high-quality that can offer the best of the result for images as well as video shoots.

Battery and Storage

The battery is part of the mobile that can help the user get it use for every use. This device has got a quality battery that can prove much useful to a casual or a standard user. The phone has a 3450 mAh lithium polymer battery which is non-removable. With this as a drawback, the phone can go on for long hours and also the fast charging capability saves one from a May Day.

The internal storage capacity of the phone is 64 GB, but there is an SD card slot for expandable memory up to 128 GB. Therefore you can store a large number of audio-video files and other documents or download as many applications as you want to. The storage facility on this device helps the user to save ample images, songs, and video clips.

Connectivity Options

This model has many connectivity options that can help the user exchange the files easily. The phone offers a dual SIM slot which supports 4G, 3G and 2G connections along with VoLTE, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and a micro USB 2.0 port for file transfers. The phone does not have the NFC feature on it which can disappoint the users of high technology.


The Gionee S10 price in India is speculated to be somewhere around Rs25000 or more specifically 24,990 INR. Thus, this is a high-end phone especially for the buyers who are willing to spend a good sum of money for buying a smart phone.


Apart from the will of trying out a new brand, the reasons for which one must considering buying this phone are its excellent configuration, good storage capacity, great battery life and a sharp camera. The Gionee S10 has a super camera quality, and the high definition screen resolution makes the images comparable to the pictures taken by digital cameras. Moreover, the good battery backup not only allows you to play games but also run a number of applications at the same time. The only drawback is its non-removable battery and the hybrid SIM which allows either dual SIM connectivity or single SIM connectivity with a single memory card. Though, the actual review would come from the customer feedbacks once the phone is launched.

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