Apple iPhone 8: Simply the best

Apple iPhone 8

A Smartphone is a known device these days which hardly anyone not aware of. One can do a lot of things with the help of a smartphone, and due to technical development, this device is a necessity than a luxury these days. Considering the huge significance of the device, the companies are running in all directions for more features and technical upgradation that can attract the buyers. There are doubtlessly a number of smartphone producers, but as far as technology is concerned, there is hardly anyone that can counter the Apple Corporation.

This famous brand is a multinational one from the land of the USA. It has its main office in Cupertino city of California State. The brand is much famous for its fabulous electronic appliances as well as computers and also other services. It has also got its famous iPhone series, which is known as a landmark device in the world of smartphone. This device is much known for its excellent features, and the company is still carrying out addition many other features in its new models of the series.

This world famous brand was founded by three tech-experts Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs in the year 1976. It also has a huge range of computers and smart watches as well as iPads and iPods. There are 21 countries where the company has its almost 500 stores. In the iPhone series, the company has launched numerous models which include, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6s and 7 as well as 7 Plus. Now there is also another model namely iPhone 8 which is going to hit the market. The device is yet to be there in the market, and hence its features and other details are not yet declared officially, but the market experts have got information about the same on the basis of which they have provided the reviews of the device. As per the experts, the device has got some of the best features, and hence, will surely get a warm welcome from the buyers.

Here are some of the features and specifications of the device:

Display and screen

This much-discussed device will have a 5-inch screen. There are many other important features this device is loaded with. The screen is provided with the resolution of 1080X1920 pixels where the PPI is 441. Another important feature of the device which makes it different than its previous models is the full HD OLED display which is spread edge-t0-edge. The device has a capacitive touch screen with multi-touch feature. It also possesses the touch ID fingerprint sensor.  There are 3 models of this phone the company will release; out of which 2 models will have a standard screen, and one will have OLED option. Hence, this time the brand has also considered the choice of users and offered different options in terms of screen quality.


When it comes to the software, the user gets much alert as it is the main part of the device. Well, the company has taken care of this part as well. The iPhone 8 is loaded with 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also has an A11 chipset which helps the user to have an efficient device regarding the use of various apps on it. This excellent device has got 4 GB RAM which can help the user have fast process and multitasking. For the game lovers also, this device can be much useful as it helps to have uninterrupted gaming experience for high quality and racing games.


In the iPhone 8, the camera is a feature which is much discussed among the experts. For any smartphone device, a quality camera is a must without which the smartphone may not be called a smartphone at all. This brand is much known for its quality camera, and it is committed to offering some better quality with the iPhone 8. It is equipped with 12MP +12MP cameras, which can help the users, capture some of the best selfies and other images. The camera has a back-illuminated sensor and many other features such as optical image stabilization, autofocus high dynamic range, ISO control, quad core LED flash and 1.8f aperture. The camera offers an image resolution of 4608X2592 pixels. The device has 7MP secondary camera that has got retina flash. The video recording on this device can be done with 3840X2160 resolution @30 FPS. Hence, those who love to go for photography with the help of mobile phone camera, this is a more than a perfect device. The camera is an area on the device for which the brand is known, and it has kept the same in mind for iPhone 8 as well.

Battery and Storage

As far as the iPhone 8 battery and storage are concerned, the buyer is never going to be disappointed as on both of these fronts the company has worked well. The device has 32 Gb internal and 256 GB expandable memory which can be availed with the help of an external memory card. Hence all those users who were previously worried about the memory part and battery, the iPhone 8 is much useful. One can store ample images, songs and videos on the device.

This power pack device is operated with the help of a 2350 mAh Li-ion battery with quick charge facility that can help the user get the device charged in a few minutes only. The device is also much in the limelight due to the feature of wireless charging which is almost not available by any smartphone maker yet.

Connectivity options

This device has got almost all the connectivity features. It has Glonass, WI-FI, LTE, 4G, Bluetooth, Hotspot and NFC. Hence the data exchange cannot be a problem at all with this device.


The experts in the market estimate that the Apple iPhone 8 price will be Rs. 64990. However, this price is just estimated one, and the company is yet to declare the final price.


The name of the brand is enough to make the model successful. However, the technical department of the brand has no doubt worked well to offer the best of the possible device to the users. The device is with single SIM option which can be considered as a drawback else the device can be a sure shot in the hit models from the brand. However, as it is yet to launch, it is better to wait and see the performance of the model.

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