6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

A marketing strategy is a series of steps or actions taken by a business to increase sales, grow a brand or to feature the value of the product, known as a value proposition. A marketing strategy appeals to the customer and aims to make them want to learn more about the business or its products. To appeal to the customer, a business needs to understand who the customer is and how they make purchasing decisions. With specific goals in mind, companies can design a marketing strategy to reach them. There are digital marketing skills that you need to learn in order to get more results.

Here are 6 common marketing strategies companies use to reach more customers:

1. Make use of social media

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Social media platforms provide numerous tempting avenues for connecting with clients. A business can use social media to share photographs or videos of its products or to engage with customers via comments or messages. Social media platforms give a forum for clients to learn about a business or an industry. Customer engagement strengthens brand loyalty and increases customer service.

For instance, a coffee company might broadcast a video of its coffee-making process on Monday, and then announce a new coffee flavour and invite customers to swing by one of its locations for a taste test on Tuesday. On Friday, the corporation will conduct an online survey of customers to ascertain their opinions on the new product.

2. Establish a blog

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

On a website or product page, blogs give content that assists customers in making purchasing decisions or learning more about a service. Blogs can be updated daily or weekly, depending on the strategy’s aims, and postings should ideally add value and establish authority. Certain businesses may employ guest bloggers to reaffirm the worth of their products or to educate customers. By sharing blog pieces on social media and other similar platforms, you can increase your readership and prospective consumer base.

Dr. Parker’s psychology clinic, for example, intends to use a novel therapeutic technique. The doctor wants her clients to understand how the approach works, so she begins a weekly blog post explaining the technique in detail. Dr. Parker presents blogs from notable psychologists once a month to provide a variety of perspectives and reader interaction.

3. Optimize for search engines (SEO)

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Keywords or phrases are entered into a search engine in order to locate a certain subject or to respond to a query. Web browsers are programmed to look for those keywords or phrases on websites or in articles and to present the user with the results. Effective SEO not only positions a business at the top of search engine results pages, but it also provides a valuable tool for segmenting and targeting clients. While keywords and phrases are advantageous, businesses must also develop valuable content.

For instance, a sporting goods company is holding a discount on bicycles and uses specific keywords to create content about the deal. The company does keyword research and selects the most popular phrases and keywords linked to bicycles for usage across its material.

Keywords or phrases to use in conjunction with the bike sale include the following:

  • Bike
  • Cycle
  • Bicycle shop
  • Sale of bicycles
  • Discount on bicycles
  • Cycle equipment

4. Include a call to action in your message (CTA)

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

A call to action encourages the customer to inquire, follow up, learn more, or make a purchase. A call to action might take the shape of a question, an offer, a recommendation, or it can be used to elicit an emotional response.


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5. Form relationships with influencers

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Influencers are typically social media users who have amassed a following or audience. Businesses may collaborate with influencers who share similar company aims or methods. Influencers may promote products by utilising them, wearing them, or informing their followers about them. If a company’s products and sales systems are in place, influencers can assist create value by influencing purchasing through direct experience. Influencers who align with the company’s niche can assist the business in expanding its consumer base.

For instance, a corporation that manufactures hiking boots follows a well-known individual on a social media platform. The individual has a large following and frequently uploads images and updates about the various places she hikes. The firm contacts the influencer and strikes a contract in which the influencer receives a complimentary pair of boots in any style the company produces in exchange for agreeing to wear the boots and discuss them in her posts. She uses the company’s social media handle to tag the boots and recommends them to her followers. The brand now has a greater number of followers and can talk about the influencer’s favourable first-hand experience.

6. Establish an affiliate marketing programme

6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Similar to collaborating with influencers, affiliate networks enable you to sell directly to your clients. An affiliate is someone who is compensated for each sale or referral made to a business via their website, social media platform, or other comparable outlets. Affiliates generate interest in the business and can significantly increase the number of people who learn about the products and services.

For instance, a coffee firm seeks out bloggers and influencers in its sector and pitches them on its affiliate programme. The coffee firm may send samples to its affiliates for review or recommendation. Each time a customer clicks on the firm’s unique affiliate link, both the blogger and the company benefit.

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