4 Effective Tips to Boost Your Jewelry Brand on Social Media

Boost Your Jewelry Brand on Social Media

Anyone who has access to the internet must know about social media. These platforms began as a way to connect people through friendly interaction. But, over the years, social media has evolved to also become a potent marketing tool.

Thousands of brands advertise and market their products to millions of audiences. Research shows that there has been an exponential growth in social media use by companies in the US. In 2013, the market share was 86.2%. Fast forward to 2021, the number has risen to 91.9%. That is a pretty good indicator that the platforms work at awareness creation.

If you own a jewelry brand and plan to use social media, it helps to know how to go about it. Remember, the amount of competition is very high. There is a lot of brand and product information bombarding the audiences.

Breaking above the clutter is critical if you want to get brand awareness. Yet, that can be a considerable challenge even for the most astute marketer. Allow us to share some practical yet effective tips.

1. Get the Basics Right First

So you sell jewelry, but there is more to it. Go deeper into defining the brand. Take care of the basics by understanding the market and competitors. Next, create a profile of your desired jewelry customer. What would they want from you in product or service offering? Is there a gap you can fill?

Let’s put this in context. Your research shows that customers are becoming more demanding of sustainable practices. They want information about how the products they are buying come to be. The shift to conscious buying gives you a chance to provide a solution with your selection of lab-grown diamond accessories.

So, let us say you have a new selection of diamond rings. You can focus on edgy custom designs using lab-produced diamonds. Become a source of knowledge. Let the audiences know there is no compromise in the diamond clarity, color, cut, and carat. Indeed the diamonds go through the same certification and grading as mined diamonds.

Please take time in this step so that you can:-

  • Develop a clear brand vision for your jewelry business
  • Create a profile of your target audience
  • Identify what the audiences want or need
  • Find a market gap that you can fill
  • Develop a consistent brand message that will be the running theme on all your platforms.

2. Decide On Your Social Media Platforms

Decide On Your Social Media Platforms

Opening an account on every social media platform can be pretty tempting. But the challenge with doing so are many. The most obvious is that your target customers may not be on some of them.

Start by understanding the demographics of the social media platforms. You sell high-priced diamond accessories, so Snapchat or TikTok may not be the best option. TikTok, for instance, is a favorite among ages 10-19 years, while Snapchat is ages 15 to 25.

Many Instagram users are between the ages of 25-34. It also has a broad reach, with over 2 billion users. This platform also attracts celebrities, influencers, and some high-networth individuals.

Twitter may have your target audiences, but you don’t have the option of posting pictures. Yet, that is the strongest selling tool for your jewelry business. Facebook has a large following, and you can post images and videos.

Remember, you would rather have two accounts that you can optimize on. Spreading yourself too thin with many accounts can result in posting inconsistency. You will also find it challenging to keep up with audience engagement and interactions.

3. Create the Social Media Account Pages

There are some critical things to have on your account pages.

Business profile: If you take care of the basics, it will be easy to create a business profile. Define your brand offering in clear, concise terms. Don’t forget to include what makes your accessories unique.

Images: Post plenty of photographs to show your product line. Create accessory-specific albums to make browsing easier. That way, if a user wants diamond rings, they can go straight to the albums. They don’t have to see hundreds of pictures of other products. Take high-quality, well arranged pictures that will draw and capture attention.

Other essential details: Include the business contact details and a link to your website.

4. Post Great Content and Interact

Maintaining social media business accounts can be difficult. You have to be careful about the content you put up. The platforms are for interaction and socializing. No one has time to read lengthy posts unless the content offers value and relevance.

Learn how to frame the content so that it is engaging. Use stories and videos to increase engagement with the content. Give an interesting snippet with a link to your website for more information. That improves the chances of building organic traffic to your website.

Be consistent with posting, so you are always in the audience’s mind. Create a content calendar and take advantage of social media posting tools to keep up.

Put aside a budget for advertising and boosting posts. You can increase your social media reach without taking a chunk of the marketing budget.

Don’t forget to interact with the audience. Allow the followers to contribute content, pictures, tips, and more. You could, for example, put up a post on jewelry as family heirlooms. Encourage interaction by inviting followers to share pics and stories about their heirlooms. User-generated content (UGC) can result in 29% higher website conversions. You also get four times higher click rates with such. Social media campaigns incorporating UGC can see up to 50% more engagement.

It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a few campaigns. These include online contests, referral programs, discounts, or promos. Even those who buy high-priced jewelry are not opposed to the chance to win or get something for free.

Finally, please keep up with analytics. That way, you can change or improve upon what is not working. The platforms have inbuilt insights or analytic tools that you can use.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your jewelry brand on social media is no easy task. You are putting your brand on platforms millions of others use for entertainment. That is why you must be strategic about how you go about the process.

Define your brand offering and identify your target market. This will make it easy to choose the social media platforms to use. Post relevant, engaging content and be consistent.

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