4 Cities Where You Need a Windproof Umbrella (and Why it Makes All the Difference)

Windproof Umbrella

An umbrella is one of those items that you don’t think about until you need it. But when you have one when a torrential downpour begins on your way to work, you will certainly remember your gratitude for the simple object. Unfortunately, sometimes rain comes with wind, and in some places, that wind arrives full force with a vengeance! When this happens, it can be difficult to utilize your umbrella, as carrying a giant sail atop your head may be problematic amidst strong winds. This is where a windproof umbrella comes in! These umbrellas are strategically vented, allowing the wind to pass through the top of the umbrella without sending you the way of Mary Poppins.

If you’re wondering what places may merit a windproof umbrella, here are four cities where you need a windproof umbrella, and why it makes all the difference!

Denver, CO

While Colorado gets around 250 days of sunlight a year, when it does rain, it storms. Especially if you are commuting on foot, taking the bus, or even need to walk to a lunch spot during monsoon season, an umbrella is absolutely necessary. Because of the intense thunderstorms that Colorado gets, walking through Denver means being prepared for a downpour that can soak you in seconds, with winds that will make you feel like you’re walking uphill.

In cases like this, having a windproof umbrella can remove the stress of going out in the rain, and ensure that you aren’t fighting your umbrella throughout your walk, errand, or commute.

Chicago, IL

They don’t call Chicago “the windy city” for nothing! This famous city sits in the perfect pocket for high, circling winds, as well as in an area that gets plenty of lake-effect rain and snow. For an umbrella that is not suitable for a windy climate, Chicago winds can very well take your umbrella flying before you even have a decent chance to use it. If you are a resident of Chicago, or are even planning a visit, bringing a wind-proof umbrella can easily be one of the best choices you will make.

Especially with the plethora of food, activities, and even street food within walking distance of anywhere in Chicago, having a windproof umbrella that allows you to explore the city just as much as if it were sunny will make your visit far more enjoyable.

San Francisco, CA

Some attribute Mark Twain to saying that “the coldest winter [he] ever spent was summer in San Francisco.” While we may not know who actually said it first, this apt statement certainly points to the frigid ocean humidity of this northern Californian city.

While an umbrella will not protect you from the cold, in San Francisco and can protect you from a very cold rain. This city is frequently found shielded in a morning fog, and it can be difficult to judge whether or not a a rain awaits you. If a rain does begin though, it is usually quite cold. These cold dew drops can cause your bones to shiver within the coastal humidity, and paired with a pressure-induced coastal breeze, can practically give you a cold!

A windproof umbrella in your everyday packed items in San Francisco is not just a good idea, but a must-have! Whether you are traveling to San Francisco, are moving there, or already live there, getting yourself a windproof umbrella may be one of your best ideas!

Seattle, WA

If you are reading Seattle, Washington in an article about umbrellas, you are likely far from surprised, and rightfully so! Seattle already has a reputation for being a rainy city. This city receives a combination of alpine lake-effect rain and coastal rains, the perfect storm of alternating pressure systems and cool, near-constant rains.

If you don’t have an umbrella in Seattle, then you are beyond unprepared. Especially in a city that makes it easier on you if you are willing to walk, take buses and public transport, or live near where you work, odds are you are going to spend much of your time in the rain. A good, durable umbrella is something that you should always take with you to ensure you are not stepping into nature’s washing machine everyday.

These pressure systems in Seattle also cause random, alternating winds, sometimes only depending on where in the city you are. Having a windproof umbrella makes sure that the winds do not lead you to getting more wet than you’re willing to throughout the day.

Of course there are plenty of other cities across the United States, and the world with windy, rainy climates, but these are some of our must-have locations. However, if you are looking into getting an umbrella, you might as well get a wind-proof one, as you never know when it will prove its value to you!

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